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of Live Trainings, Teachings & Embodiment Practices 

For Creatives, Dreamers and Entrepreneurs


Create a new self concept, retrain your mind &

travel timelines with us as you’re taught how you can

attract your first $1K in your purpose 

What you want to do, is meant for you.


Your DESIRES are

your DESTINY. 


Yet why is it that so many people get caught up in careers they don’t enjoy, feeling bored, unenthused & overworked?


This may be, because they simply didn’t know how they could make a living off of doing what they love. Or maybe it feels like a lot of work to start up a new venture and they don’t even know where to start. 


I feel it is my mission to remind you (and I say this with so much love),

that your purpose here on Earth is not to be a watered-down version of yourself who settles for melodramatic work shifts with gossip-y coworkers & a bland, boring schedule.


Your PURPOSE on this planet is to radiate your natural talents, follow your passions & desires, share your unique message & be ALL of you, fully expressed!



Disclaimer :

It is your Divine Birthright

to live in your purpose,

express all aspects of yourself,

AND get PAID for it!


And I want to show you HOW you can do that first-hand.

That’s why I decided to create a 3-Day LIVE Workshop : 

Quantum Living– Attract Your First $1K in Your Purpose.


I would love to invite you to become a master of your mind & travel timelines with us as you’re guided through teachings, reflections, and integrative & embodiment practices


to live in the quantum and

attract your first bag of cash

doing what you love!



Here is the Breakdown :

Day 1– Create Your Self-Concept

Get taught how you can make money in your purpose through Universal laws, quantum physics, mind training & a little timeline traveling! The day will be ended with a reflection practice to create a new self-concept.


Day 2–  Shift Your Energetic State

Dive deep into retraining your thought & emotional cycles so that you can hold this new energetic state that will allow you to get paid doing what you love.


Day 3– Magnetize Your First $1K Doing What You Love

Be guided how to live entirely in the realm of magic & miracles connecting with the infinite potential of the Universe, your next action steps, and the day will be ended with an embodiment practice that will put you over the peak to magnetize this $1K in through your desires so fast you’ll think you’re hallucinating. 

We begin our first live training on Monday, April 10th @ 6PM EST. 


Best part is? I believe in these teachings so much that if you do not get your $1K within 90 days or are not completely satisfied with these trainings, I will give you 100% of your investment back. 

*See Terms & Conditions For Details.


Keep living a life that is subpar to what you know you’re capable of, or get a taste of what your true purpose & potential is like… 

The choice is yours xx


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