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Don’t know where to start when it comes to recreating yourself & your life? Want to take a step into your ultimate potential & ideal reality in just 21 days? Download this FREE worksheet that will uncover what's been holding you back & guide you towards a life you previously thought was too good to be true.

It's time for you to live the life you've always envisioned for yourself... Unleash Your Life is our signature program that guides you to step into your purpose and make your vision board a reality through following your bliss! 

Immerse yourself in our private mentorship package to get individualized and specific guidance for you to do what you love for a living & program your mind to manifest your desires on autopilot through retraining the mind & body.

have you been chasing
the next :


you the change
you ARE looking for?

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Within just the first week, my physical reality suddenly began to look and feel different as I unraveled and transformed myself from the inside out.


Working with you feels like is the journey of the boy and the alchemist… I’ve honestly never felt something as powerful as what you’re doing and I’m so grateful.

        - Jacquelyne M.

About Sabrina.

yeah, i've been there too...

Growing up in poverty as one of seven kids,


I was born into a pretty chaotic household.

Starting at an alarming young age,

I struggled with depression, anxiety and extremely low self esteem.


My family often being the charity house of the neighborhood, I felt a victim to my circumstances. I was a heavy drinker, working two jobs while going to school full time, unknowingly distracting myself from how I *truly* felt inside. I worked in the medical field for 7 years, leaving me with a keen interest and knowledge in the science behind the mind & body. 


In the Summer of 2017, one of my sisters introduced me to the well-known documentary “The Secret” and it sparked curiosity in me..

“What if there was actual truth to this sh*t?”, 


I thought. "What if I could actually change?" I now have spent the past 5+ years researching the science behind the law of attraction, reading every book I could get my hands on, learning exactly how the human mind worked and how to reprogram our brains for a life of happiness & success. I went through a lot of trial and error -

I found countless methods that didn’t work, but I also found many methods that did.

Fast forward to today, I can honestly say

I am now in love with this version of myself and my life that I have created.


I got my health in check & have manifested a body I love, I feel confident & secure in myself, and have instilled powerful habits for myself. I now travel the world, have manifested a group of incredible women as friends, and do what I love on a daily basis. My vision board is becoming my reality right before my eyes.


The best part? I feel emotionally free, lighthearted, I feel more love than I ever thought was possible for me and have an insanely optimistic attitude towards my future. 

Now my mission is to teach you how you can also recreate yourself using the same frameworks & principles I used and implemented.

your journey awaits xx

how i can help YOU.

Taking physical action is only 5% of the work to create change. To create change on an energetic level, you need to do the inner work. My teachings get you to dive into the 95% of your reality by working at the root.

In my practice, I focus on lasting change and self-discovery. Combining teachings of neuroscience and quantum physics, the scientific & mystical principles of the universe, I show you how possible it is for you to recreate yourself into the person you’ve previously only *dreamt* you could become. 

You are made up of the same material as the Universe, meaning you were born as a Creator.

We were born into this world to create - to create ourselves, our lives, our destinies,

and *you* have the power to completely shift the trajectory of your life.

You’ve had the power all along.

It’s time to wake up to your power to change, to create, to manifest a version of yourself

and a life beyond your wildest dreams.


It all starts with a decision.


"I feel like since doing this program not only have I increased my own confidence, but I have also been able to imagine a better future for myself, create a better focus for my desires in life, and start healing on levels I never thought possible. Sabrina not only gives you tools and homework, but collaborates with your efforts in healing your past and creating your future. It can be a lot, but it's worth it because it effects the rest of your life and YOU'RE WORTH IT. Your family (blood or self-created) and everyone who interacts with you is also worth it. Because your lack of growth affects them too. If you are debating on whether or not to take the leap, just do it! Your future self will thank you!"

- Christina W.



Do you offer any free resources?

Of course! My YouTube channel is full of free teachings & advice, as well as my content on Instagram & TikTok all give you great material to work with. I have a free worksheet you can download that gives you guidance on how you can start to recreate your life, and if you’re on my email list you get additional free mindset hacks, tips & secrets sent to you every other Monday. 

I’m new to this and this all sounds great, but where do I start?

Start by downloading and completing my free worksheet “How to Step Into Your Ideal Reality in 21 Days”! This will give you the guidance on what you can shift in your life *today* to start recreating your reality. Screenshot it and tag me in your story on IG to let me know how it helped you! @betteryoubysabrina 

What if I don't have the money to invest right now? 

I, without a doubt, want you to feel excited & aligned with any purchase you make through my company. That being said, I want to ask you what is the cost of staying the same? If you waited and waited to create change, how will that impact your life? How will that impact your family’s life? I say this only so you can start to think about your future & how you would like to create your life. It’s usually a matter of pay now, or pay later. I will also mention that through doing this work, you will often find your income increases, gifted with out-of-the-blue opportunities and showered with more & more blessings as you open your doors to the abundance that is waiting for you. Magic happens when you trust your intuition & take the leap of faith.

How do I know if your services are for me?

My services for you if you are ready to do the inner work, looking for a long term solution to your life and circumstances, ready to commit & create change in your life, and open to learning new things.

If you have any questions or concerns about packages or pricing, don’t hesitate to DM me with any of your questions on IG @betteryoubysabrina or email me at

The time is now for expansion.

Your future self is waiting.

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